Goldene Cajon 2017

Thank you for taking part!

The Golden Cajon has
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147 videos were uploaded by the artists, more than 16800 votes were cast. It was a close finish. However, the Golden Cajon Award goes to a worthy winner. And a lot of winners can look forward to their prizes. We look forward to the next Awards!

16899 total votes

Cajon Improvisation & Synchronization

2655 Votes

„Cajon Improvisation & Synchronization“ by Percussion Brothers

Orhan Agabeyli

1775 Votes

„Orhan Agabeyli“ by Orhan Agabeyli

Tımbıka Rhythm Community

1285 Votes

„Tımbıka Rhythm Community“ by Hacettepe University Tımbıka Rhythm Community

Flying fingers

954 Votes

„Flying fingers“ by Maciej Ośmiornica

Wood Shock... Jam session in SAWMILL

862 Votes

„Wood Shock... Jam session in SAWMILL“ by Wood Shock

Michael Jackson

668 Votes

„Michael Jackson“ by Thairi Goncalves


520 Votes

„Summer“ by Jeff and Sam

Kreativ im Gewölbekeller - Creative in the vaulted cellar

504 Votes

„Kreativ im Gewölbekeller - Creative in the vaulted cellar“ by Kreativ Percussion

The Grand Cajon

499 Votes

„The Grand Cajon“ by Rafał Salamon

Cajon solo (live)

497 Votes

„Cajon solo (live)“ by David Kandert

Cajon Grooves and 'Making Of'

477 Votes

„Cajon Grooves and 'Making Of'“ by wohngeBEAT

Cajon VS Drums: who will win?

300 Votes

„Cajon VS Drums: who will win?“ by Nikal Markaryan

Black Betty (traditional) cajon and asalato - Laimonas Staniulionis vocal - Julija Ritčik

261 Votes

„Black Betty (traditional) cajon and asalato - Laimonas Staniulionis vocal - Julija Ritčik“ by Laimonas Staniulionis

The Tango Congo Grandpa

214 Votes

„The Tango Congo Grandpa“ by Frank Vidal

Bonito (Madam Piano Cover)

208 Votes

„Bonito (Madam Piano Cover)“ by By the way

Original Afroperubian Festejo Performance

167 Votes

„Original Afroperubian Festejo Performance“ by Ricardo Martinez


148 Votes

„SolobeatYildirim“ by Onur Yildirim


144 Votes

„Whitespace“ by Sven Stumm

Daniels Lazy Day

118 Votes

„Daniels Lazy Day“ by Daniel D.

Stephen Creighton- No Limits

106 Votes

„Stephen Creighton- No Limits“ by No Limits

Catapora: Einhorn-Jam

104 Votes

„Catapora: Einhorn-Jam“ by Catapora

Home is where my \'heartbox\' is

102 Votes

„Home is where my \'heartbox\' is“ by Cajonnier

Stück für Cajon und vorbeifliegender Hubschrauber

98 Votes

„Stück für Cajon und vorbeifliegender Hubschrauber“ by Thomas Büchel


91 Votes


Cajon freestyle

86 Votes

„Cajon freestyle“ by Stanislav Kyryllov

Renos Cajon

86 Votes

„Renos Cajon“ by Renos Efthymiou

Forest jam on didgeridoo & cajon

86 Votes

„Forest jam on didgeridoo & cajon“ by DiDSCH - Philipp Gerisch

Meeting with Lisa Simone & Herve Samb (Cajon-Cover & Solo)

83 Votes

„Meeting with Lisa Simone & Herve Samb (Cajon-Cover & Solo)“ by MiBeBi

Drum Loop

83 Votes

„Drum Loop“ by Launz-musik

Cajon + Me = JOY

82 Votes

„Cajon + Me = JOY“ by Chuck Payne

Skilled Blacksmith by Martin Krendl

82 Votes

„Skilled Blacksmith by Martin Krendl“ by Martin Krendl


79 Votes

„One-Man-Clave-Band“ by Daniel Somann

Searching for the Cajon-roots

77 Votes

„Searching for the Cajon-roots“ by Felix Zehdnicker

Martin Schumacher - Cajon-Loop-Session

75 Votes

„Martin Schumacher - Cajon-Loop-Session“ by Martin Schumacher


75 Votes

„iu“ by Praising people

Grooves in 2 through 7

74 Votes

„Grooves in 2 through 7“ by Austin DiVito

8 Boxes

72 Votes

„8 Boxes“ by Steffen Merkel


69 Votes

„Cajon-Tobi“ by Tobigrobi


67 Votes

„Cooley“ by Iris de Wolf

Blues Improv

65 Votes

„Blues Improv“ by Christoph Jabs

The Magic 5

59 Votes

„The Magic 5“ by Kan Yanabe & Juan Mejia

Power of Cajon

58 Votes

„Power of Cajon“ by Michael Roßkopf

Magic Cajon

57 Votes

„Magic Cajon“ by Enrico &Groove

Erkilet Güzeli (Turkish Folk meets Flamenco)

52 Votes

„Erkilet Güzeli (Turkish Folk meets Flamenco)“ by Christian Meyer

Cajon Looper

50 Votes

„Cajon Looper“ by Thomas.Valente


49 Votes

„Komono“ by SNT

Broadcast for children

47 Votes

„Broadcast for children“ by JOYPOLY

Venus - Crescendo (cover by papa band)

46 Votes

„Venus - Crescendo (cover by papa band)“ by Payu

Mixture of korean traditional rhythm  in cajon

45 Votes

„Mixture of korean traditional rhythm in cajon“ by Korean traditional percussions

Frightening period

42 Votes

„Frightening period“ by Afronauta

Kiss 10 Beats

42 Votes

„Kiss 10 Beats“ by CJ

Cajon Jam session

40 Votes

„Cajon Jam session“ by The Gib Drummer

House of gold (Twenty One Pilots cajon & ukulele cover)

36 Votes

„House of gold (Twenty One Pilots cajon & ukulele cover)“ by B-art

Jamming for peace

34 Votes

„Jamming for peace“ by Zsolt Asztalos & Péter Sárosi

Geerke playing the cajon

33 Votes

„Geerke playing the cajon“ by Geerke


33 Votes

„CLOSER - THE CHAINSMOKERS (cajon cover)“ by Sigit Nugroz

Ti caf maronèr

32 Votes

„Ti caf maronèr“ by Tias

Cajon Around The World

31 Votes

„Cajon Around The World“ by Nicolas Leroy

Let\'s Hurt Tonight

30 Votes

„Let\'s Hurt Tonight“ by EZ Song Lessons

Cajon Solo with Moroccan Gnaoua Beat

29 Votes

„Cajon Solo with Moroccan Gnaoua Beat“ by Bouchaib Kaneb

The Chicken.

28 Votes

„The Chicken.“ by Nungdrum Trio

Some Skunk Funk

27 Votes

„Some Skunk Funk“ by Pius Kim

Su-ta-su-ta! Cajon Ensemble Tokyo6

24 Votes

„Su-ta-su-ta! Cajon Ensemble Tokyo6“ by Su-ta-su-ta! Cajon Ensemble Tokyo6

happy cajon // Schlagwerk Golden Cajon Award 2017

24 Votes

„happy cajon // Schlagwerk Golden Cajon Award 2017“ by israfan eiffel

6/8 island

24 Votes

„6/8 island“ by Tipunk

A drum Story

23 Votes

„A drum Story“ by Dave Anzaldi

El Condor pasa

23 Votes

„El Condor pasa“ by Prizori

Cajon & Loopstation

23 Votes

„Cajon & Loopstation“ by Bjarne Taurnier

Techno Cajon

22 Votes

„Techno Cajon“ by Matthias Klose

DenManTau - Little Darling with MoveBox

22 Votes

„DenManTau - Little Darling with MoveBox“ by DenManTau

Eye Of The Tiger Cover

20 Votes

„Eye Of The Tiger Cover“ by Gordon James and The Power

Acoustic highway

19 Votes

„Acoustic highway“ by Many Keens


18 Votes

„Closer“ by Supersonics

K-Town Duo performing

18 Votes

„K-Town Duo performing“ by K-Town Duo

KSW short Compilation - AWCajon - performer Tomasz Sroka

18 Votes

„KSW short Compilation - AWCajon - performer Tomasz Sroka“ by KSW 4 Blues


18 Votes

„Samba“ by PercussionsCajons

\'Nature\' let the beat out

18 Votes

„\'Nature\' let the beat out“ by FredFred

Cajon Solo

17 Votes

„Cajon Solo“ by Csaba Szeniczey

One man groove

17 Votes

„One man groove“ by William Ljungblad


16 Votes

„Fusion“ by Leevans


15 Votes


Cajon Jam

15 Votes

„Cajon Jam“ by Sancheon Kwanghoon Duo

Japanese Cajon Girl

15 Votes

„Japanese Cajon Girl“ by Honami Kikawa

Cajon - Khaliji and Felahi with accompaniment

14 Votes

„Cajon - Khaliji and Felahi with accompaniment“ by T.J. Troy

Cajon solo in Parrot Land

14 Votes

„Cajon solo in Parrot Land“ by David Dutech

Rio Mizushima Acoustic Band - \

12 Votes

„Rio Mizushima Acoustic Band - \"Smile Is The Best Make Up\"“ by Rio Mizushima Acoustic Band

Me and my Cajon

12 Votes

„Me and my Cajon“ by Tommy Telkemeier

Dominik Schad - Cajon

11 Votes

„Dominik Schad - Cajon“ by Dominik Schad

Cherry blossoms dance and fall

10 Votes

„Cherry blossoms dance and fall“ by KPC

Everyday of ours

10 Votes

„Everyday of ours“ by TEN-SAI=genius

Song for the Ducks

10 Votes

„Song for the Ducks“ by George Townsend

Looping + Live FX processing

10 Votes

„Looping + Live FX processing“ by BoxBeater

Drumming in Garden Eden

10 Votes

„Drumming in Garden Eden“ by Dimi

Cajon Solo

9 Votes

„Cajon Solo“ by Scott Connatser

Improvisation on Samba Ragga- Golden Cajon Award Entry

9 Votes

„Improvisation on Samba Ragga- Golden Cajon Award Entry“ by Tilly Fallows

Cajon Loop+Solo

9 Votes

„Cajon Loop+Solo“ by Max


9 Votes

„Motivation“ by Pileotbe


9 Votes

„Drei“ by Percussion Ensemble Gymnasium Heidberg

el toro mata traditional afro peruvien song

8 Votes

„el toro mata traditional afro peruvien song“ by jaguar

Firespilling Star

7 Votes

„Firespilling Star“ by Kismet Hardy

Latin Cajon

7 Votes

„Latin Cajon“ by Diekoh

Cuban Buleria

7 Votes

„Cuban Buleria“ by Bossa Grande

Simply .. cajon

7 Votes

„Simply .. cajon“ by Secondo Flex

Wildlife Cajon

7 Votes

„Wildlife Cajon“ by Max Neumann

Cajon Freestyle

6 Votes

„Cajon Freestyle“ by Antoine Sancesario

Drumming Cajon by Admir // Schlagwerk Golden Cajon Award 2017

5 Votes

„Drumming Cajon by Admir // Schlagwerk Golden Cajon Award 2017“ by Admir


5 Votes

„Timeline“ by Xinghai Percussion Duet

Morning practice Nr.134

4 Votes

„Morning practice Nr.134“ by Nav Unger

Freestyle cajon solo

4 Votes

„Freestyle cajon solo“ by Choi Roots


4 Votes


Desk Drumming

4 Votes

„Desk Drumming“ by Anaam Mostafiz

Cajon nanta

4 Votes

„Cajon nanta“ by Korean 50+ percussion lab


4 Votes

„JAPAN NATURA“ by Misato Guroyguieu


4 Votes

„Attitude“ by Lorena y Fernando

Hold On

3 Votes

„Hold On“ by Brothers Moving

Ethan Tasch and Cameron Soat - Out of the Rain

3 Votes

„Ethan Tasch and Cameron Soat - Out of the Rain“ by Cameron Soat and Ethan Tasch

Facing the sea

3 Votes

„Facing the sea“ by Band Dona Onça

Groovy Cajon

3 Votes

„Groovy Cajon“ by Peter Werslanovits

Cajon VS 8-string guitar

3 Votes

„Cajon VS 8-string guitar“ by Japan Cajon Association

La Mia Africa (Pop Up Acoustic Session)

3 Votes

„La Mia Africa (Pop Up Acoustic Session)“ by One Shot Brega


3 Votes

„Djangi“ by Sonetta

6/8 practice

3 Votes

„6/8 practice“ by Krisztián Sági

Flash cajon

2 Votes

„Flash cajon“ by Dimitri Aksil

Cajon Solo in Park

2 Votes

„Cajon Solo in Park“ by Sandro Schlegel

Cajon, foot tambourine, and iPad - Pumped Up Kicks (Cover)

2 Votes

„Cajon, foot tambourine, and iPad - Pumped Up Kicks (Cover)“ by Turbochicken, with 3IAC

Enjoy my Cajon

2 Votes

„Enjoy my Cajon“ by Jeg cajon

TICKTAP X KarítasogFannar - Sunday Morning (Cajon Cover)

2 Votes

„TICKTAP X KarítasogFannar - Sunday Morning (Cajon Cover)“ by TICKTAP

The Luna

2 Votes

„The Luna“ by Phaze Control

303 Tango Fusion Live in Cotai Jazz & Blues Festival Macau 2014

2 Votes

„303 Tango Fusion Live in Cotai Jazz & Blues Festival Macau 2014“ by 303 Tango Fusion

akoda jazz kreol

2 Votes

„akoda jazz kreol“ by AKODA

Fingerstyle Cajon

2 Votes

„Fingerstyle Cajon“ by Andreas Bachmann


2 Votes

„Cajon/Voice“ by Ma xiaodong


2 Votes

„Skirmish“ by Dan Kucera

Cajon Solo

2 Votes

„Cajon Solo“ by Nakabon

lateNight meets aLr Boosh

2 Votes

„lateNight meets aLr Boosh“ by lateNightJavaMusic

Cajon Improvisation

2 Votes

„Cajon Improvisation“ by Bongoman

Sicily Groove

1 Votes

„Sicily Groove“ by LpA

black or white -Michael Jackson- cajon cover

1 Votes

„black or white -Michael Jackson- cajon cover“ by Pond

Live at Morsø Festival 2016

1 Votes

„Live at Morsø Festival 2016“ by Række 2½

Andi Rocket Solo Performance

1 Votes

„Andi Rocket Solo Performance“ by Andi Rakete

Brush Bounced

1 Votes

„Brush Bounced“ by GIORGIO RIZZO

Cajon Solo

1 Votes

„Cajon Solo“ by Marco Wagenblast

Dominick Tribal - Cajon Flamenco

1 Votes

„Dominick Tribal - Cajon Flamenco“ by Dominick Tribal

Black Panther

1 Votes

„Black Panther“ by Da Riddim Phanter


1 Votes

„quickhand“ by Marcin Walkowiak

Cajo Cajon Cajon

1 Votes

„Cajo Cajon Cajon“ by kyoji Takimoto

Improvising on my favourite drum

1 Votes

„Improvising on my favourite drum“ by Arunachala

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