Conditions of participation
for the Golden Cajon Award 2017

1. The “Schlagwerk Golden Cajon Award 2017” video competition shall hereinafter be referred to as the GOLDEN CAJON AWARD.

1.1 Host
The GOLDEN CAJON AWARD competition will be hosted by Schlagwerk GmbH with headquarters in Gingen an der Fils, Germany, hereinafter referred to as SCHLAGWERK.

1.2 Competition platform
The GOLDEN CAJON AWARD competition will take place on the website:; alternative domain: All submitted competition entries will be stored on one of SCHLAGWERK’s own server platforms. Accepted competition entries will be uploaded and published on the SCHLAGWERK YouTube channel.

1.3 Video competition entries
PARTICIPANTS can use the competition platform to upload digital video entries. The aim of these entries is to display the skill and the creativity of the PARTICIPANT when playing the cajon (Cajón) musical instrument. As such, playing the cajon should play a central role in the video entry and the total length of the entry should not exceed 5 minutes. The videos will be publicly visible on the competition website and on YouTube.

1.4 Audience and jury awards
The placing of participants in the GOLDEN CAJON AWARD will be determined using two different procedures:

1.4.1. Audience award
Placing for the audience award is based on the number of votes cast via the voting function on, see also 1.6.2 and

1.4.2. Jury awards
Two special prizes will be determined by a SCHLAGWERK-defined jury. SCHLAGWERK reserves the right to change the members of the jury and the thematic focus of the special prizes at any time.

1.5 Competition Overview
The GOLDEN CAJON AWARD comprises 3 stages.

1.5.1. Application stage
From 19 April 2017, PARTICIPANTS can upload a video to the competition platform at The last submission to the competition must be uploaded in its entirety no later than 23:59:59 CET (UTC+1) on 28 May 2017. During the application stage submitted entries approved by SCHLAGWERK can be accessed and viewed on the competition platform.

1.5.2. Voting stage
Voting opens for entries on 29 May 2017. For this purpose the competition platform is equipped with a voting function for the videos on display. Visitors to the competition platform can vote for several videos. During the voting stage visitors are limited to one vote per video. After the vote is cast, the visitor will receive an email containing a confirmation link to verify the authenticity of the vote. Voting ends at 23:59:59 CET (UTC+1) on 18 June 2017. The placing of the winners will be determined on the basis of all the individual votes cast until that point.

1.5.3. Announcement of winning entries Announcement of the winning entries of the “public vote”
The winner will be announced on 19 June 2017. 1. The participant to receive the most valid votes via the voting button function during the voting period shall be proclaimed the winner of the public vote; the participant to receive the second most valid votes via the voting button function during the voting period shall be proclaimed second place. The same applies to the subsequent 3rd–10th places. Valid votes are clear votes authorised by a confirmation email. Announcement of winning entries for the “Jury’s special prizes”
The Jury’s specials prizes will be announced on 19 June.

1.5.4. Interim pages
For technical reasons, interim pages may be temporarily inserted to serve as a bridgeover following the application deadline and the voting stage. These pages are necessary in order to ensure correct technical procedure.

2. Video entries for the SCHLAGWERK AWARD 2017 – Eligibility

2.1 All individuals over the age of 18 are eligible to take part as “PARTICIPANTS”, either as a solo artist or as a representative of a group of artists (e.g. music groups, associations and bands, music schools and educational music institutions).

2.2 The participation of minors (under the age of 18 according to German law) is only possible with the consent of a parent or guardian. When uploading digital entries the following applies: once the conditions of participation have been accepted through registration and upload via the competition page, consent is presumed subject to rebuttal. PARTICIPANTS who are minors must declare to provide written consent in the event they are awarded a prize or their entry is published.

2.3 SCHLAGWERK reserves the right to follow up contact with minor PARTICIPANTS, in order to obtain the legal guardians’ consent to the conditions of participation and the transfer of the rights of use. In order to be eligible to win, consent must first be successfully obtained from the winner.

2.4 Participants with permanent residence outside of Germany, hereby confirm that by participating in the GOLDEN CAJON AWARD no country-specific rights will be asserted against SCHLAGWERK and that no resultant rights to the prize will be derived.

2.5 The following are excluded from participation:

2.5.1. Entries that bear no reference to the theme of the competition or that offend common decency.

2.5.2. Entries from persons who provide false information regarding their identity.

2.5.3. PARTICIPANTS/entries containing performers that are already part of an endorsement relationship, other artist relationship and/or economical cooperation with another company that also produces or outsources the production of cajons and similar instruments, or markets or distributes (B2B) cajons and similar instruments.

2.5.4. Entries with inappropriate content.

2.6 Participation is free of charge.

2.7 Only one (1) entry can be uploaded/registered per PARTICIPANT.

2.8 All submitted competition entries will be reviewed by SCHLAGWERK to the best of their knowledge and judgement with reference to competition relevancy and suitability. Only after a successful review will entries be approved for display. This may take several working days. A review is successful if the entry does not breach any of the exclusion criteria listed under 2.5. SCHLAGWERK reserves the right, in the case of attempts to defraud (e.g. multiple participation – including from members of a group of artists, circumvention of any technological measures, provision of false information etc.), and thematic transgression / other reasons – also in retrospect – to delete the entry and declare void existing votes for the PARTICPANT. SCHLAGWERK also reserves the right to subsequently eliminate PARTICIPANTS from the competition and demand the return of any previously assigned winnings, should the participant or their entry breach the conditions of participation.

3. Copyright / personal rights

3.1 The PARTICIPANT affirms that s/he is the sole author of the submitted competition entry and that s/he has unrestricted rights to all images and image parts, as well as to all audio and video data.

3.2 The PARTICPANT affirms that where individuals are shown, no personal rights have been infringed, and that the individuals shown agree to publication within the framework of the competition and to any media coverage regarding the competition.

3.3 The PARTICIPANT affirms that the submitted entry is free of third party rights. By submitting an entry the participant affirms that all co-authors involved in the creation of the medium agree to participation in the competition and publication of the medium.

3.4 The PARTICIPANT agrees to transfer unrestricted right of use to SCHLAGWERK free of charge (regardless of the type of media) and to relinquish any further public relations activities.


In the event the rights of third parties are violated by a competition entry and these rights are asserted against SCHLAGWERK, the participant is obliged to release and indemnify SCHLAGWERK from all resulting claims by third parties.


5.1 The competition entry to receive the most valid votes by 23:59:59 CET (UTC+1) on 18 June 2017 shall be proclaimed the winner of the public vote for the GOLDEN CAJON AWARD; the entry to receive the second most valid votes during the voting period shall be proclaimed second place. The same applies to the subsequent 3rd–10th places. Valid votes are clear votes authorised by a confirmation email.

5.2 The prize awarded to first place in the public vote consists of the “Golden Cajon” – a gold-coloured trophy in the form of a miniature cajon. The award is endowed with a cash prize of €1,000. In addition, the first-place winner will receive an instrument set as advertised on the competition platform. Should the instruments be unavailable, alternative instruments of the same value may be used.

5.3 Second to tenth place also receive the instrument sets specified for their respective place, as advertised on the competition platform. Should the instruments be unavailable, alternative instruments of the same value may be used.

5.4 The winnings for the Jury’s special prizes will be handed out to the PARTICIPANTS. Should the PARTICIPANT belong to an author group, s/he shall accept the prize on behalf of the group.

5.5 Should two or more competition entries share the same amount of votes at the end of the voting stage, the prize will be split equally among these PARTICIPANTS.

5.6 The prizes are non-transferable and non-cash prizes will not be paid out.

6. Data protection

Personal data will only be stored for the purposes of the competition. All data will be deleted at the end of the competition. The regulations of the German Federal Data Protection Act will be complied with. More detailed information about data privacy can be found in our privacy policy.

7. Amendment to conditions of participation/indemnity

SCHLAGWERK reserves the right to change these conditions of participation without prior notice. Any liability for damages on the part of SCHLAGWERK arising from or in connection with the Schlagwerk Award, irrespective of legal basis, is – as far as legally permissible – limited to acts of wrongful intent or gross negligence.

8. Legal proceedings

The judge’s decision is final. The applicable law shall be German law.

9. Questions

Any questions regarding the competition can be sent by email to

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Questions and answers.

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