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„DenManTau - Little Darling with MoveBox“
by DenManTau

We\'re DenManTau from Hamburg, Germany and we\'re buskers. Almost everyday for the last few years we have been performing with the Move Box in clubs and mainly on the streets all over the world. Music is our passion and it makes us live a great and peaceful lifestyle with a lot of freedom. Milan, our drummer/percussionist thinks the Move Box by Schlagwerk is the perfect instrument for touring percussionists to keep up the energy with other musicians because you don\'t have to sit down like a regular cajon player. Since the Move Box opens up many opportunities to play for him, he has developed his own unique style: He plays it like a drum set and less like a percussion instrument. That creates a powerfull and dynamic sound wherever we set up. We love the direct response to our performances. Therefore, we think the street is a very effective school for every musician. Try it out :-) The performance is recorded in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, which we think is one of the toughest places for buskers due to the huge competition. Enjoy

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DenManTau - Little Darling with MoveBox

„DenManTau - Little Darling with MoveBox“ by DenManTau

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